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We are MÏKSLIK, a company formed by two art lovers who want to share the beauty and style of art with the world. We began our journey with a single mission, to make artaccessible for everyone. We don't believe that art should be so expensive that only the wealthiest houses can afford to hang an original painting on their walls. Art should be within the grasp of every person in the world, even those from more modest homes that can't afford a $10,000 piece of art.

We democratize art by offering pieces that capture the same evocative moods as those expensive paintings, but for a far more affordable price. With an exquisite print from our collection, you can add a little charm and grace to the walls of your home or office. The piece you select will brighten your mood for years to come, enlivening your walls and enriching your soul. We believe in providing only the best to passionate art lovers like you, so we only print high definition art onto premium materials. Our goal is to deliver the deepest satisfaction to the people who choose to enjoy one of our captivating pieces, and to empower them to continue their lives rich with the colors of experience. Art is a great motivator, and we believe that motivation should be for everyone.


Thanks to modern technologies, we are able to bring some of the most elegant and sophisticated pieces to the world for a fraction of the price of a more traditional painting. You can rest assured that you will have a beautiful splash of color for your walls that capture the mood of the room and reflects it back for all to see. Join the momentum and add the signature quality of MÏKSLIK into your home with a piece of art designed specifically to capture your heart.




Andrew Davis

Digital Artist

Daphne Tayler

Digital Artist

Eric Lee


Casey Bryant


Sam Brody


Chris Marx


David Rodgers

Graphic Designer

Jay Smith

Web Developer

Sara Clayton

Marketing Director

Janette Braun

Financial Director

Philippe Lewis

Sales Director

Darryl King

Senior Product Manager